Start and End at Home

Start and End at Home

January 03, 2022

From Luc Mehl:

"The Packraft Handbook ends with a photo of Rob Kehrer and my original sharpie-art "Start and End at Home" sticker. I had hoped that Sarah K. Glaser could re-design the sticker, but we ran out of time before the book submission deadline.

"I spent the last three months building a 'Start and End at Home' online trip planning course, which picks up where the book ends. The course is effectively a one-credit college course, a mix of software skills, risk and emergency planning, stewardship, and a planning strategy that has empowered me to get creative with my outdoor pursuits. If you are interested, the deadline to register is this Weds, Jan. 5th.

"I'll print these as stickers and make them available soon! So so so psyched to have Sarah's amazing talent help to convey this message!"