Kawerak Leadership Summit

Kawerak Leadership Summit

September 18, 2017

The mission: create a logo for Kawerak's 2017 Leadership Summit that communicated the sense of place, encompassed imagery from the region, and represented the local villages. 

The map in the background of the finished illustration includes stars for each of the 20 villages in the region: Diomede, Wales, Shishmaref, Brevig Mission, Mary's Igloo, Teller, King Island, Nome, Solomon, Council, Koyuk, Elim, Gloving, White Mountain, Shaktoolik, Unalakleet, Stebbins, St. Michael, Gambell and Savoonga. 

The Canadian Geese are local to the area; their distinctive formation illustrates how each bird takes turns breaking wth wind for the others. The geese also showed movement, change in leadership, and the representation of the three entities within each community: city, tribe and corporation.  

In the final coloring of the design, we settled on a sunrise-themed image to communicate the new beginnings of the project. 

Kawerak Leadership Summit Bag Logo Sarah Glaser


We created tote bags with the black and white version of the logo. The totes were color-coordinated by group. 

Goose Bag preliminary mockup Kawerak

The original drawing of the geese (in a mockup with a simpler tote bag), which included a map more in the style of a nautical chart. 

The logo went through many variations in color and design before we settled on the sunrise image. 

It was an absolute pleasure to be able to work with Cheri and Kawerak, Inc. On this project. Here's to their success in an inspiring leadership summit!

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